Triptikh – American & Russian film music

Dream classical… to film music!

A new festival in the Gers, created to give new life to musical gatherings, spaced out in semi-outdoor settings, in heritage sites remarkable for their beauty and chosen for their acoustics.

Third series of concerts: August 4, 5, 6, 7

III – Triptikh

Tuesday 4 August 9 pm: Halle of GIMONT

Wednesday 5 August 9 pm: LECTOURE Courtyard of the Town hall
If bad weather, retreat to the Church of Saint-Esprit, 14 July Street, n. 23 – Lectoure

Thursday, August 6, 7 p.m.: FLAMARENS Saint-Saturnin Church-Hall

Friday 7 August 9 p.m.: Halle of SAINT-CLAR

Violin : David GALOUSTOV
Cello : Dimitri MASLENNIKOV
Piano : Natalia MEDVEDEVA

A trio of soloists from the great Russian school who interpret with flames spectacular arrangements of 15 famous musics from American and Russian films – a tribute to Enio Morricone!

Fascinated by the world of cinema, the musicians of TRIPTIKH, by the way they look at these « great classics » of film music and the strength of their talent, strive to give it an existence of its own, a dimension in its own right. Its evocative power, its pictorial dimension, the richness of the emotional and expressive registers make it a rich field of exploration, perfectly adapted to a classical trio formation. The musicians give her a treatment that is at once warm, powerful and mastered, which transports us into this universe that we love so much …



Office de Tourisme de Gascogne-Lomagne
Or by phone: 

+33 5 62 64 00 00


1 hour before the concert
Price: 20 € in cash only (no credit card)
Under 20 years old: free


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