François-René Duchâble 19 July Gers

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François-René DUCHÂBLE

A keyboard virtuoso and a wanderer at heart, this internationally-renowned pianist, encouraged in 1973 by Arthur Rubinstein to embark on a career as a soloist, has freed himself from obligatory career paths.
Thirty years of concerts in the temples of music have won him public acclaim and the recognition of prestigious conductors such as Karajan, Herreweghe, Sawallisch, Svetlanov, Janowski, Plasson, Dutoit, Casadessus, Lombard, Gardiner… and numerous musical distinctions for Chopin’s ‘Vingt-quatre Etudes’, Liszt’s ‘Douze Etudes Transcendentes’, Beethoven’s Sonatas, Ravel’s concertos, not forgetting the DVD devoted to Beethoven’s five concertos, which won him another Victoires de la musique in 2004.
Today, the vital need to live freely has opened up new horizons for him, as he sees music more as a pleasure to be shared. His choice of partners, his irresistible taste for the outdoors and his penchant for the unusual have led him to play in often unexpected places, where the music blends into the environment of a glacier, a cave, a lake or a village square…
To fill his imagination, he likes to surround himself with the magic of fireworks (by Jean-Eric Ougier) – inventor of the ‘pyroconcert’! – enjoying the complicity of dancers, acrobats, jugglers and sportsmen for a day on stage, keen to offer audiences from all backgrounds a musical show rather than a concert.
This is how he came to form an unmissable duo with actor Alain Carré, whose repertoire includes 80 original works: “Rimbaud, Voleur de feu” – “Histoire de ma vie” H. Berlioz – “Le Roman de Venise” Sand, Musset,.Chopin – “l’Apocalypse de Saint Jean” – “La Nuit Obscure” – “Voyage dans la Lune” – “Les Lettres de Mon Moulin” d’A. Daudet- “paroles et Musique” J.Prévert – “Ego Hugo”, all set to music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Maurice Ravel and the great composers of the Romantic era.

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